So…there is not a witch hunt???

I rarely post to this blog. I would love to post more, but I don’t always have time. Just on a whim, I decided to check my stats…and lately I have been getting hits in regards to my post Witch Trials in 2007? in which I reposted a story I found on Livejournal concerning one Rhonda Gruber. So I googled the name to see what other people were finding and why the interest. Did something new happen? Is she free to practice her paganism??? It turns out that while Rhonda and her family may be practicing Pagans, that is not the sole reason the law is going after them and that her paganism isn’t really even much of factor. I found this site that has some pretty convincing evidence that kinda blows holes in Rhonda’s “it’s a witch hunt” story. And this site really breaks down all the events.

Now me being the naive person I am, thought that Rhonda’s plea for help and support was legit. I mean, when asking for help, why would someone leave out important details of the whole situation only to focus on the part of the story that makes them look like a victim? [*rolls eyes*].

Well, poo poo on me. So trusted someone and they (so far) are turning out to be bogus. I apologize to any and all practicing Pagans I may have offended and hurt.

That being said, what has is happening to Rhonda and her family isn’t something to be taken lightly. They  lost their home, they lost their jobs…people in their community are making it difficult for them (probably because of the paganism).  What started out as legit charges has kinda snowballed into something much murkier.


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Like a used pin cushion

One side of my torso looks like a used pin cushion. I can’t even figure out how most of those marks got there.  They were not bug bites, some were scratches (that I don’t recall inflicting on myself). I just don’t know. I have three similar marks on my left arm. I think they are caused by hairs. Except the giant scar on my back, that was from a needle…where I had spinal fluid removed (for testing)..several years ago. I don’t know what happened to make that entry point (which had healed) open up.  It is very depressing. I did see a dermatologist who told me that sometimes things like that happen and there was nothing he could do.  What the hell kinda bullshit is that??? So, I am on my own.

I am so frustrated by my lack of goodlooks….more on that later

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“And I’ll form the head!”

I haven’t posted to this journal in quite a while. The main reason being I don’t know where I want it to go. I don’t know how what I want this journal to be about. It isn’t like there are not things going on in this world to discuss. People are still using nooses as tree ornaments, people are still being persecuted for not being Christian, life is generally sucking all over the planet…why go on and on talking about it to no end. All the online journal writing in the world isn’t going to change that. And while all opinions matter (including my own), I just don’t feel compelled to share all my thoughts and what is going on in the world.  That is probably because I get caught in my own thoughts alot. I am very much stuck in my own head, especially around this time of year: around my birthday.

Whenever I think of my birthday, I just want to hurt myself. Badly. How could you spend your whole life working hard towards a goal and then not have a damn thing to show for it? At this point in my life I wonder why even go on. I’m trying to avoid alcohol as it will only make my depression worse. It. just. hurts.

If I had one wish, it be able to start over. Just pick up, move, and start over. All fresh, all new. A chance to be someone different. Someone better.

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Witch Trials in 2007?

I found the following on LiveJournal. If you are someone who truly believes in freedom of religion, I encourage to repost this as well as contacting any media outlets you can. Let us shed some light on this.


My best friend Rhonda Gruber… has been arrested.. on the warrant it said “practicing witch” I need every pagan you know and all paths to KNOW what’s going on. We need publicity… and we need it FAST. I have been trying to spread the word as fast as my fingers can work…. TELL EVERYONE.. here’s what my best friend posted to her yahoo groups pagansnightout……

This is a more detailed account.
The more attention I can get on this the better! Please pass around to anyone you think might listen.
Thanks. We are unable to go home at the moment because it isn’t safe for us there. They are always watching what we are doing and we are afraid of more Police retribution so are staying at my Mother in-law’s house, but this isn’t home… I am trying to get on the computer whenever possible so bear with me….My life is turned inside out right now.

Witch Trials Continue In South Carolina!

My name is Rhonda Gruber AKA Wicked Lil Witch and I am a Proud Witch. I am currently being persecuted as a Witch by a Lt. Kevin Duke of the Horry County Police Dept. My life and the lives of my family and friends are being threatened and destroyed by this man with the backing of countless other officials. I was arrested Monday Sept 10th ’07 by Lt Duke for Breach of Peace, Child Endangerment/ Neglect and 1st degree Harrassement.
This all began around the end of May ’07 from many false police reports from a neighboring family, The Luisettis, who also seemed to think I deserved to be arrested for my religious beliefs. They stated such in their police reports. When this began to become a pattern of filing false reports, we began seeking Police protection FROM them. We were told numerous times that we had no reason to receive their protection, just to ignore them. Yet they continued to file their reports on us. We were told the only we could do is file a Civil Suit. This wouldn’t fix the problem for quite awhile if ever.The Police Dept on numerous occasions, even refused to file any reports for us. We had at one point searched out help from Magistrates in the area. One told us that filing these reports was most definitely something the Police could do something about and that they should but he was fairly certain that they wouldn’t. He went on a 10 min rant about it to us. He even took the time to gives us copies of the laws on filing false reports, which we took to this Lt Duke, who after realizing we weren’t going to leave his office too easily, Then wrote us report stating that the report from the Luisettis was investigated and the allegations were unfounded and seemed to be stemming from harrassement from the neighbors.
Now Monday, my 16 yr old son was targeted for their harrassment . In the morning the Luisetti’s daughter had a young man assualt him at the bus stop. We filed a report that morning. That afternoon another allegation from their daughter that he beat her up Friday on school property which led to his suspension since the school wouldn’t investigate it other than her statement and her 2 friend’s statements. She would have been getting on the bus at the time while he was on the other side of the building getting a ride from one of his friends. Then as we were sitting in my garage workshop working on getting the suspension investigated by the school board, waiting to see if the death threat my son received was going to take place. The threat came from the Luisetti’s daughter getting a young man to “kill” my son due to the beating she received from him. He was supposed to be coming to our house after school. We were then visited by an irrational Lt. Duke as he whipped into our driveway screaming that Spencer was reported to be brandishing and pointing an assault rifle at the Luisettis. Which isn’t even close to what he was doing. Duke then stated that is is tired of all this and someone is going to jail. He didn’t care to hear anything we had to to say about our side. Anytime I was trying to say something I was told to shut up or be arrested. He was VERY aggressive and yelling. He seemed to trying to provoke an altercation. I freely admit I was upset and a little loud but I was trying to defend my son. I was never violent or out of control. I was just pissed and trying to make some sense out of the situation. When I was told to shut up I did which seemed to further anger Duke. I was only arrested after they put the cuffs on my son. I then told my Husband to find a f…ing attorney and quick. This was when they arrested me.
I was never read my Miranda Rights to this day but the questions they asked me were used in my arrest. Doesn’t seem legal to me…
My charges of Child Endangerment were due to the fact that we have several legal weapons around a minor. I must inform you my son is an ROTC member with Marine Boot Camp training in weapons, can disassemble/ reassemble an M16 on the field. He was also on the Rifle Team last year and is Athletics Team Commander. He also knew our weapons, from target shooting and cleaning. He even pointed out to the Police Weapons Expert how to release the clip and open the bolt chamber as they couldn’t. He is very safe and well versed in weapons. I must point point that is legally old enough to have a hunting license. He is also looking to join the National Guard on his 17th B-Day, Oct 3rd this yr. Upon his 18th B-Day he was planning a Military career. We are proud of him and is a really good person. We are very upset with all the things being alleged about him.

To summarize:
We are being persecuted because of my spiritual choices, not being Christian. Lt. Duke has a web page stating his religious beliefs and infertility and adoption problems which leads us to the belief that he can no longer separate his personal feelings from his ability to do his job in an objective manner. He seems to have appointed himself as a personal victim’s advocate for allegedly neglected and abused children. The fact that I am a practicing witch is being noted in complaints and warrants against me and my family. It has even been voiced in court along with allegations stating I have cast spells on 2 cops and the luisetti family by the solicitor during proceedings. My familiar pyewacket seems to have been mishandled during the search of our home. She was running and flinching from us the day after. I am very hurt by this. Though this can’t be proven, I know my animal and this is not her normal behavior.
We have always tried to help others and be good people, so this is very hard for us to deal with. I am lucky to have a very strong supportive circle of friends and family or we would still be in jail. My in-laws had to take the majority of their retirement fund for some 20 thousand dollars to hire a powerful law firm to help us. Though I will never be ashamed of being a witch, I am so very sorry for all the trouble and loss of money it has cost them to stand up for us.
The reason for this letter is that we need all the help we can find to fight this. Whether it is positive protective energy, advice, or donations to help pay for this. I will not rest until I have made a difference for all that believe in freedom of religion. I don’t want this to just disappear, I want to make a stand for all free thinkers against persecution. We all know the squeaky wheel gets the oil.
For all that believe in freedom of choice, please stand behind me or even beside me in court while I fight. I am not a quitter and I have a loud voice. I always stand up for what I believe in, all I ask is to not have to stand alone in this. It’s time to fight for what we all believe in, not just lie down and take it. I have enclosed the papers that are in my possession to prove my claims. I will include more as they come into my possession. I am not easily scared although they are trying to intimidate us. Threatening phone calls have been made to family and friends even now. In supporting us, you are also supporting yourselves.
We are looking to get this story out to as many places as possible. The more people who are aware the harder it will be for them to get aware with it!

We NEED your help!!!
Blessed be.
Rhonda Gruber
AKA wickedlilwitch@
843-997-7558 or 843-602-0160 (happy to answer questions)


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What Happens in Jena, Stays in Jena (Not!)

I wanted to put in my two cents about the Jena 6.

I have been following the case of the Jena 6 for several months. Tonight, CNN will be airing a special about the Jena 6, the town of Jena, and it’s people.

From what I have read and heard, the majority of people in Jena do not believe race is problem or issue in their town. However, the majority of people in Jena happen to be Caucasian. Ask anyone who is African American in Jena, La. and they will tell you “yeah, race is problem. Race is an issue.” Not that the Caucasian sentiment that racism is in the past is all that surprising. It something most white folks block from their vision.

The fact of the matter is, the situation in Jena would not have gotten to where it is now if the community addressed the nooses in the tree directly. They could have held an assembly and town hall meeting to discuss the ugliness those nooses represented. The parents of the boys who hung the nooses could have spoken with the students about how they have brought shame to this small town and had them issues apologies. What happens instead? The nooses are brushed off as a joke. The black kids do a sit in protest around the tree. The DA holds an assembly with the protesting students and says, “See this pen in my hand? I can end your lives with the stroke of a pen.” Some white kids beat up a black student and no charges are filed (or none that I have heard). A white kids pulls a shotgun out on some black students at a mini mart. The black kids disarm the white student and run, the black kids are charged with theft. And then a group of black kids beat up a white student and it is attempted murder??? When the white student was well enough to go to some school shindig??? Seriously..

The DA said that people are forgetting about the innocent victim in all this and the harm done to him. Everytime I hear “Jena 6” I think about that boy the beat up. But you see, we are not arguing whether or not a fight took place. We are arguing do the charges and punishment fit the crime.

“It is the outsiders bringing this here.”

This is statement I heard time and again from the white residents of Jena. Here is a newsflash for those folks: Outsiders did not hang nooses in the courtyard. Outsiders did not ignore the crimes of one set of people only to over charge another group of people. YOUR community did this. YOUR complacency in the matter did this. To be fair, there were those who did try to do the right thing, but when your own DA has his own agenda, well that is when the “outsiders” come in.

Here are some wonderful links about this case:



Washington Post

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My thoughts on K’ville

K’ville  is a new series about cops in a city.
I thought the city was Kansas City or Kalamazoo or something like that.
The city K’ville is about is New Orleans.
The K is Katrina. That is first I  have heard of the city being referred to as K’ville. Perhaps it is local thing.
They would have done better if they had named it The N.O.  or NOLA or The Lean…or O’vile.
But if you name it O’ville people might think is about is about a town of orgasms.

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This is our worst nightmare…

Watch it (it is long), take it or leave it…. but I think we all know what is coming over that horizon. We were warned before and didn’t listen. We need to wake up and listen and take action.

follow this link: America: Freedom to Fascism

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