When is a survey not a survey?

When it asks you to sign up for shit that takes money out of your pocket.

All over the internet  I see these websites saying,”Get Paid to Take Surveys.” It all seems so jolly!  Companies will pay you to give your opinion or thoughts on a product or learn more about consumer spending habits. At the mall you can get $5 for participating in a survey or focus group. How awesome would it be to do that from your home!!??!!

Well kill the awesome people. I will guarantee that 95% of those survey sites are not surveys at all. They are more along the lines of those “Get A Free Ipod Nano” pages: the survey is you saying yes or no to a list of offers ranging from insurance to online movie rentals. But you have to say yes to X amount of offers or you don’t get paid. Or you sign up for a survey site where they send you “paid” emails. All you have to do is read them, right? WRONG! You click the link and sign up for whatever service that is probably free the first 2 weeks but then you have to call and cancel. If you don’t cancel, the service costs $29.95 a month…but you only got paid $15 to fill out the survey….that makes no sense.

My point is that these surveys are not surveys they are operations built to get more money into the pockets of businesses by convincing you  to buy their product.

For those 5% or surveys that are surveys, I don’t count because I don’t fit the demographic they care about selling to: single, white, male, ages 18-34.

That, my friends, is some bullshit!


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    Yes, it’s true there are some sites out there that only want your email address or even worse are the ones that ask you to pay for access to their “database” of survey companies. The fact is though that the vast majority of sites that offer paid surveys are legitimate. There are major research companies that will, and do, pay you to take surveys. And they are especially interested in young males so the idea that 18-34 y/o white males don’t fit into their demographic is wrong. I know for a fact that right now there is a market research company who puts a premium on males sign-ups. Please don’t paint a wide swath over the whole industry because of a few miscreants.

  2. 2

    Sweet Peony said,

    “And they are especially interested in young males so the idea that 18-34 y/o white males don’t fit into their demographic is wrong”

    sorry, that’s what I meant. My wording was way too awkward.

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