So…there is not a witch hunt???

I rarely post to this blog. I would love to post more, but I don’t always have time. Just on a whim, I decided to check my stats…and lately I have been getting hits in regards to my post Witch Trials in 2007? in which I reposted a story I found on Livejournal concerning one Rhonda Gruber. So I googled the name to see what other people were finding and why the interest. Did something new happen? Is she free to practice her paganism??? It turns out that while Rhonda and her family may be practicing Pagans, that is not the sole reason the law is going after them and that her paganism isn’t really even much of factor. I found this site that has some pretty convincing evidence that kinda blows holes in Rhonda’s “it’s a witch hunt” story. And this site really breaks down all the events.

Now me being the naive person I am, thought that Rhonda’s plea for help and support was legit. I mean, when asking for help, why would someone leave out important details of the whole situation only to focus on the part of the story that makes them look like a victim? [*rolls eyes*].

Well, poo poo on me. So trusted someone and they (so far) are turning out to be bogus. I apologize to any and all practicing Pagans I may have offended and hurt.

That being said, what has is happening to Rhonda and her family isn’t something to be taken lightly. They  lost their home, they lost their jobs…people in their community are making it difficult for them (probably because of the paganism).  What started out as legit charges has kinda snowballed into something much murkier.


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    MysticalStorms0528 said,

    I am outraged reading all of the bullshit lies.. on the net. From
    people that don’t even know her, or what REALLY happened. Take a
    minute, step back and ask yourself “Who the hell am I” to take he said
    she said as fact? Read the following:

    In regards to what people are posting about Spencer testing positive
    for Meth..

    Lt. Duke told a bold faced lie. One. Duke was not entitled to even see
    the test, it was the test of a minor, and he does not have the right
    to see such a test.As a cop he has no right to see the results of a
    test of a minor. Two, the son tested negative for all illegal drugs,
    including marijuana. Three it was also stated that Rhonda herself was
    a member of the Pagans Motorcycle Gang, which would help elude to the
    fact that she’s a drug dealer, when it turns out that she was only a
    local chapter leader of Pagansnightout, a monthly meetup group for the
    RELIGION not the MOTORCYCLE GANG. Why was it mentioned in three
    different legal reasonings for why they were doing the things they
    were doing was because she was a witch? Currently as of now to date,
    Horry County has no evidence to substantiate their claims, they are
    between a rock and a hard place because they have to prove to
    substantiate their charges. Without evidence they tried to retain her
    son, because they saw that as their only “Trump” card to getting her.
    It boils down to they want her, and have no evidence, but yet arrested
    every member of the family. The family has proof of all the claims,
    but yet the family receives minimal support from anyone anywhere. If
    they were guilty why would they continue to fight this? Wouldn’t they
    just disappear instead of continuing to fight? All of the bad press
    that the Grubers have been getting is because people blindly go along
    with what the search warrant says. When she posted the search warrant
    she didnt think others would turn on her, with the search warrant
    being ridiculous, that is the whole reason for her posting the search
    warrant. The cop LIED! Nothing in that is true EXCEPT that she is a
    witch. Those that think she isn’t still fighting, she hired and still
    retains her own attorney, her son has his own attorney that is working
    pro bono because he believes in his own words “150% in Spencer’s
    innocence.” And his case is currently in appeal, because he maintains
    his innocence, and he’s had to be moved in with Rhonda’s out of state
    family to escape Horry County’s clutches, which was a hard decision
    for her to do, but it was the only thing she could do to keep her son
    safe, and herself. I’ve been Rhonda’s best friend for many years now,
    and I am disgusted with the lack of pagan support on her behalf all
    because of what a cop wrote. A Christian cop at that. She is not
    “hiding” behind the pentacle, she’s defending her right to her
    pentacle. Even despite all of this shit, if and when she ever is
    allowed a civil suit, a chunk of the money is going into a fund for
    pagans like herself that cannot get any support from anyone or any
    organization. We’ll be damned if this happens to yet another pagan. Oh
    and by the way.. this who ordeal with Ms. Stacey. Who the hell are you
    out in bumble fuck you don’t know Rhonda, you weren’t there for the
    case and obviously you have no evidence to back even your claims. The
    only thing she has is a document that was illegally obtained. If and
    when it will be proven, she’ll be in her own legal battle. I believe
    the term is liable. Just in case anyone thinks that this is Rhonda, I
    am not Rhonda. I have attempted on many occasions to defend Rhonda,
    since the only thing on the internet is this game of “telephone”
    nobody would even let me speak the truth to tell them what really
    happened. But just like gossip anywhere else, people like to start
    shit, and then everyone jumps on the bandwagon. You know.. as a friend
    of the family and all of the friends that actually do know Rhonda and
    the family, her real friends are STILL HERE, and are still a strong
    support system for her. Unlike the rest of you, you don’t know these
    people, nor were you there. So how can you be so sure you really
    really know.. what happened? You read what the cop says and you
    believe the cop? What if this was you? How would you feel if the
    situation was reversed and it was you, and you made a cry out for help
    to fellow pagans, and find out there is nothing there. People would
    rather believe the worst? How can you criticize another human being
    based on what someone told you when you have no fact. The truth is the
    only one with any facts at all, and documents and proof is Rhonda. I
    am one of the few that have stood by her side, and listen to her cry,
    and offer her all of the support I can. You people are sick. She has
    spent HOURS on the phone with me crying because of the damage this has
    done to her, her family, her son, her real friends. This has even
    damaged me. Steve’s father has failing health and wonders where his
    son is. Steve was CLOSE to family. Try to explain all this he said she
    said junk to him. Are you going to tell him that you just jumped to
    conclusions, too lazy to find out what’s truth? Or do you want the
    majority vote. It seems to me.. from this experience, that this so
    called “pagan community” is nothing more than a bunch of destructive
    kids, playing dress up. If you wanted to defend your religion, you
    would stick with the facts. If you don’t have the facts, stay the hell
    out of it.

  2. 2

    MysticalStorms0528 said,

    This is not aimed at foreverwallflower, this is aimed at those ruining the lives

  3. 3

    sapphire said,

    Mystical, get your facts straight. Rhonda posted the transcript on on Nov. 17. Every piece of paper under discussion is there.

    Let the involved parties get on with their lives. They chose to leave. Horry County isn’t spending a dime to chase them.

  4. 4

    mysticalstorms0528 said,

    I’m sorry,you need to get YOUR facts straight, the document in question was posted by Stacy Parata of Birmingham Alabama on her myspace blog on December 12th it is the document from Rhonda’s case. A document that she does not have. So you m’dear don’t have YOUR facts. How do the Gruber’s get on with their lives? They’ve had everything ripped away from them. Is the state afraid that if they admit their mistake that they’ll be expected to be held responsible? And how would you know if they’ve left Horry County and where do you receive YOUR information? Your information is Wrong, and YOU are wrong, who the hell do you think you are anyway?

  5. 5

    mysticalstorms0528 said,

    If people got their facts as straight as you do, They’d be called Stacy Parata, Raven Emyrs and FaeryKat, but since you don’t have your facts straight maybe you should butt out of it and let the “involved parties” get the help they deserve. Once the state started lying about the Grubers and falsifying the charges it started a snowball effect. Once you get caught up in it you gotta keep on rolling with it or you’ll get squashed. So tell me.. how is it coming along running ahead of your snowball? Is your information as broken up as the rest on the internet? What makes what you’ve heard any different?

  6. 6

    sapphire said,

    Sorry about even making the comment, Hawthorne. I thought at the time this was one of the more rational posters who was aware of the earlier event. Lock this one too, perhaps?

  7. 7

    mysticalstorms0528 said,

    Are you sorry you posted or are you sorry you couldn’t base your opinion in fact?
    You seem to backtrack now when you are faced with the facts. The document Rhonda is questioning was only in Stacy Parata’s hands. She had to get it from one of 2 people….The 2 Attorneys involved in the case…1 is Spencer’s attorney and the other is the Prosecutor…..Spencer’s attorney still hasn’t given Rhonda or Steve a copy of the court document from the trial that Stacy posted from.
    The Truth is something you can’t run from!
    And with a bit of magical help, the truth will be brought out and the liars will be held accountable.

  8. 8

    mysticalstorms0528 said,

    Oh and by the way you thought this was one of the posters who was against Rhonda. That is the only reason you had to put your worthless 2 cents on this page.
    And I and many others would love to know what you have staked in this that you are so aware of all that goes on in Rhonda’s case?

    And with all the misleading info I have fed the state it is a wonder they could find their ass with a map….

    What several others have chosen to ignore is that Rhonda and her attorney have all the documents proving her claims of religious intolerance.

    What do you or the state have to back their claims of guilt?????

  9. 9

    sapphire said,

    Hawthorne, my apology is to you for having fed a troll. Unfortunately, the result is as expected-an illiterate rant with only a co-incidental connection with reality.

  10. 10

    mysticalstorms0528 said,

    Awwww….Insults are all you have when you dodge the questions….It’s very obvious for all who look, that you are insulting people to avoid the real issue and the questions asked of you. Save the insults for someone it may intimidate.

  11. 11

    Raven Emrys said,

    Why should the community at large, listen to you?
    Where are your credentials?
    Besides I cannot keep covering for you, Stacy or the others.

  12. 12

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