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You have got to be kidding me..

What kind of world to we live in where it makes sense for a daughter to pledge her chastity to her father?
That has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Are there sons pledging their virginity to their mothers? Of course not. After all it is only the we wittle girls who need protecting. Utter BULLSHIT!!!

I have a theory.
There are two kinds of father who insist on such things: those who are devoutly religious and think their daughters virginity and sexuality are property to be owned and leased; then there are those men who were promiscuous man whores in their younger years and now have daughters who they feel they must shelter from scum like them.

It just doesn’t make sense.
If you were a good and attentive father who took an active role in your daughters life, then she would make the right decision. But it is her decision to make.

Look people, children are not property.
They are individuals with thoughts and needs separate from your own.
At some point, your work is done.
You have taught them the lessons of life and now they must forge ahead.

These fathers are small men who feel they must be in charge of something.
They just can’t let go.


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21st Century Feminist!

I have been reading many blogs by women. Lately, they have been focusing on the issues we women face and how many woman don’t want to be identified as feminist. Why is this the case?

Feminist and feminism is an every evolving movement. It covers a wide range of issues and not all feminist agree with one another and that is o’k. We come in all shapes, all colors, all ages.

Earlier today, I picked up an dictionary to look up the definition of “feminism” and part of the definition limited the movement to 19th and 20th century, it spoke on the movements push for social, political, and financial equality. But isn’t feminism more than that.

To me, feminism is about being able to be the person you are without being punished for not fitting a narrow stereotype. It is a pushing for the recognition of being valid and  equal in every way: intellectually, socially, politically, financially…everything.

Feminism is about the right for a woman to say “No,” to follow her own path, to be ruled by the patriarchal system that has lived for generations, the right to choose.

Feminism should not exclude certain women because they choose to be moms or make a living from their looks (or body).

Feminism is for all women!

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