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My two-cents on Code Monkeys

Well, it turns out I had the nights mixed up and I did not miss the premier of the show.
I tried to watch the program with fresh eyes, waiting until the end and then digesting what I had witnessed. And then sleeping on it.

People, it is not good.
I can’t even say there was one moment I enjoyed.
That was 30 minutes of my life I can never get back.
I wasn’t even so stupid it was funny, it was just plain stupid.
The toilet jokes were old before the first one.
The only interesting thing about Code Monkeys is that it looks like an 8-bit game.
I mean, I really don’t know who this show is for. Maybe gamers and code monkeys from the 80’s who never grew up or something…
It would work better as a web show that is only 10 minutes…no 5 minutes.
Yes a web show with 5 minute episodes! That is what Code Monkeys is suitable for.

It just isn’t any good.


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Code Monkeys

I am an animator.
I am an artist
I love games and having been playing them since the Commodore 64.
Does that make me an expert…HELL NO!!
but I like to think I have a background that enables me to have a somewhat informed opinion

Code Monkeys

Ok…G4 has been promoting this show as if it is the hottest shit since South Park.
I’m just not buying it.
I watched Minoriteam and loved it.
I watched Crank Yankers and thought it was gold (who doesn’t love prank calling!?!?)

This Code Monkeys is not impressing me.
While I do like the idea of 8-bit animation (even though it KILLS my eyes), the clips they have shown just are not doing it for me. It seems to me the premise is in such niche that very few people will get it.
Will actually code monkeys be into this show? Probably not because they work long ass hours and live in the dark.

I’m not going to say the show is going to suck balls, because I HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET!!!
But they way they are hyping this show up, I am already tired of it and probably won’t watch.
I mean, I will have to make an ENORMOUS effort to watch the program.

What are your thoughts?

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