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I totally forgot.
I dropped the ball.
I did not watch the TV premier of Code Monkeys.
Now, how I am suppose to really get a good idea and feel for the show if I don’t watch it??
All this means is that I have to catch it on the web.
It still does not look very funny to me, but perhaps it is just me.

So, someone tell me what is the deal with all these stupid singing game shows?
Why do networks keeps pushing out some much trash???
Why do a remake of Hairspray? That was one movie that
did NOT need to be redone.
It is because writers are too lazy or ::gasps:: can’t write something new?

It is time to think outside the box my friends!


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Stop being a big baby…

So, it would seem that Eli Roth is pulling Hostel II from theaters because illegal copies of the movie (working, incomplete copies) have been floating around the ‘net and is hurting the film at the box office.

Now, I am not going to argue the piracy is not a problem, but I doubt that those illegal copies as well as a certain reviewers review of said copy is what is hurting his film( at least not all the blame can be put there). It is the timing. I think if Roth released his movie around Halloween it would have been a hit. But because his film didn’t even break the top 5, he is having a hissy fit.  Dude, deal with it!  You made a movie and not a lot of people want to see it. So now you are going to pull it have it go straight to DVD…will anyone buy it?  Why didn’t the gore hounds and horror buffs come out to see the film? Or maybe they did and there just aren’t as many as people thought. Oooorrrr…maybe gore hounds and horror buffs want to see something original that has a strong story, good acting, actually scares…gore that makes sense within the story of the film. Not a film built around gore…sheesh go to a slaughter house then…right?

Perhaps we are all torture and murdered out. Maybe we want to see light fantasy fair. Something fun and summery. Roth also states that the “R” rated movie is on it’s way out (because studios make more money with family fair rated PG-13). Meh, I can sorta see maybe…but maybe people who want to see “R” rated movies want to see something smart and original with a decent story, great acting, great directing.

My final word is that an artist can make art and people may or may not appreciate what that artist did. The artist had better deal with it and move on. Don’t make a scene, just look at what you did learn from it and move on…

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Too much too much

There is so much going on in the world and everyone has an opinion. I have a list of topics I want to go through, I just don’t know where to begin.

A few days after I wrote my little 2 cents on feminism that I pick up the latest issue of BUST to see an article about Mormon Feminist that pretty much reinforced what I had said. I knew I wasn’t breaking new ground with my thoughts (or that my thoughts were not that coherent), but meh.

Hostel II opens this weekend and for a few weeks I have been trying to decide if I think Eli Roth is overrated. I have come to the decision that I don’t believe he is. At the same time, I don’t think he breaks new ground in the horror genre. I mean, he finds a way to be original (or close to original) at a time when it seems that everything has been done. What I do find interesting about his movies(as well as Rob Zombie’s work and the whole Saw series) is that the violence and torture and gore that is depicted is still more acceptable than explicitly depicted sexuality and sensuality (within the walls of some sort of loving relationship). Movie studios are willing to take the risk(because they know they will make money) and make money with extreme violence but not with extreme sex. And that annoys me.

I would like to see a writer/director take that chance, take up arms to challenge the movie system to look at itself and what it values. We, as a society, should not cringe or turn away from love, sex, sensuality…all those things that are beautiful about life. Why must we always depict and exploit pain? Is it because we male dominated world and there is a level of disassociation between that machismo masculinity and love and tenderness?

Let me think on that…

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