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On White Light, Black Rain

As I watched ” White Light, Black Rain” on HBO last night I became heart-broken, sickened.
I am really left without words, but everyone needs to see this film.
I am talking middle school, high school, and college.
Too many innocent lives were affected. What those people went through was more terrifying than any horror movie.


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Just keep in mind..

Keep things in perspective.
Keep things very real.

Celebrity is a double-edged sword
that is beyond control.

Cameras are a phalanx that is there all the time.
Be careful what you wish for.

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We meet again

We meet again, old friend. You haven’t changed a bit.
Has it been hard for you? Of course not. You have everything in the world.
Me? What about me? I keep doing what I always do.
It doesn’t have to be so hard.
I can make it all very easy.
So can you.

Don’t be a stranger.

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