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So…there is not a witch hunt???

I rarely post to this blog. I would love to post more, but I don’t always have time. Just on a whim, I decided to check my stats…and lately I have been getting hits in regards to my post Witch Trials in 2007? in which I reposted a story I found on Livejournal concerning one Rhonda Gruber. So I googled the name to see what other people were finding and why the interest. Did something new happen? Is she free to practice her paganism??? It turns out that while Rhonda and her family may be practicing Pagans, that is not the sole reason the law is going after them and that her paganism isn’t really even much of factor. I found this site that has some pretty convincing evidence that kinda blows holes in Rhonda’s “it’s a witch hunt” story. And this site really breaks down all the events.

Now me being the naive person I am, thought that Rhonda’s plea for help and support was legit. I mean, when asking for help, why would someone leave out important details of the whole situation only to focus on the part of the story that makes them look like a victim? [*rolls eyes*].

Well, poo poo on me. So trusted someone and they (so far) are turning out to be bogus. I apologize to any and all practicing Pagans I may have offended and hurt.

That being said, what has is happening to Rhonda and her family isn’t something to be taken lightly. They  lost their home, they lost their jobs…people in their community are making it difficult for them (probably because of the paganism).  What started out as legit charges has kinda snowballed into something much murkier.


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Like a used pin cushion

One side of my torso looks like a used pin cushion. I can’t even figure out how most of those marks got there.  They were not bug bites, some were scratches (that I don’t recall inflicting on myself). I just don’t know. I have three similar marks on my left arm. I think they are caused by hairs. Except the giant scar on my back, that was from a needle…where I had spinal fluid removed (for testing)..several years ago. I don’t know what happened to make that entry point (which had healed) open up.  It is very depressing. I did see a dermatologist who told me that sometimes things like that happen and there was nothing he could do.  What the hell kinda bullshit is that??? So, I am on my own.

I am so frustrated by my lack of goodlooks….more on that later

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“And I’ll form the head!”

I haven’t posted to this journal in quite a while. The main reason being I don’t know where I want it to go. I don’t know how what I want this journal to be about. It isn’t like there are not things going on in this world to discuss. People are still using nooses as tree ornaments, people are still being persecuted for not being Christian, life is generally sucking all over the planet…why go on and on talking about it to no end. All the online journal writing in the world isn’t going to change that. And while all opinions matter (including my own), I just don’t feel compelled to share all my thoughts and what is going on in the world.  That is probably because I get caught in my own thoughts alot. I am very much stuck in my own head, especially around this time of year: around my birthday.

Whenever I think of my birthday, I just want to hurt myself. Badly. How could you spend your whole life working hard towards a goal and then not have a damn thing to show for it? At this point in my life I wonder why even go on. I’m trying to avoid alcohol as it will only make my depression worse. It. just. hurts.

If I had one wish, it be able to start over. Just pick up, move, and start over. All fresh, all new. A chance to be someone different. Someone better.

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My thoughts on K’ville

K’ville  is a new series about cops in a city.
I thought the city was Kansas City or Kalamazoo or something like that.
The city K’ville is about is New Orleans.
The K is Katrina. That is first I  have heard of the city being referred to as K’ville. Perhaps it is local thing.
They would have done better if they had named it The N.O.  or NOLA or The Lean…or O’vile.
But if you name it O’ville people might think is about is about a town of orgasms.

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This is our worst nightmare…

Watch it (it is long), take it or leave it…. but I think we all know what is coming over that horizon. We were warned before and didn’t listen. We need to wake up and listen and take action.

follow this link: America: Freedom to Fascism

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When is a survey not a survey?

When it asks you to sign up for shit that takes money out of your pocket.

All over the internet  I see these websites saying,”Get Paid to Take Surveys.” It all seems so jolly!  Companies will pay you to give your opinion or thoughts on a product or learn more about consumer spending habits. At the mall you can get $5 for participating in a survey or focus group. How awesome would it be to do that from your home!!??!!

Well kill the awesome people. I will guarantee that 95% of those survey sites are not surveys at all. They are more along the lines of those “Get A Free Ipod Nano” pages: the survey is you saying yes or no to a list of offers ranging from insurance to online movie rentals. But you have to say yes to X amount of offers or you don’t get paid. Or you sign up for a survey site where they send you “paid” emails. All you have to do is read them, right? WRONG! You click the link and sign up for whatever service that is probably free the first 2 weeks but then you have to call and cancel. If you don’t cancel, the service costs $29.95 a month…but you only got paid $15 to fill out the survey….that makes no sense.

My point is that these surveys are not surveys they are operations built to get more money into the pockets of businesses by convincing you  to buy their product.

For those 5% or surveys that are surveys, I don’t count because I don’t fit the demographic they care about selling to: single, white, male, ages 18-34.

That, my friends, is some bullshit!

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Code Monkeys

I am an animator.
I am an artist
I love games and having been playing them since the Commodore 64.
Does that make me an expert…HELL NO!!
but I like to think I have a background that enables me to have a somewhat informed opinion

Code Monkeys

Ok…G4 has been promoting this show as if it is the hottest shit since South Park.
I’m just not buying it.
I watched Minoriteam and loved it.
I watched Crank Yankers and thought it was gold (who doesn’t love prank calling!?!?)

This Code Monkeys is not impressing me.
While I do like the idea of 8-bit animation (even though it KILLS my eyes), the clips they have shown just are not doing it for me. It seems to me the premise is in such niche that very few people will get it.
Will actually code monkeys be into this show? Probably not because they work long ass hours and live in the dark.

I’m not going to say the show is going to suck balls, because I HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET!!!
But they way they are hyping this show up, I am already tired of it and probably won’t watch.
I mean, I will have to make an ENORMOUS effort to watch the program.

What are your thoughts?

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