When is a survey not a survey?

When it asks you to sign up for shit that takes money out of your pocket.

All over the internet  I see these websites saying,”Get Paid to Take Surveys.” It all seems so jolly!  Companies will pay you to give your opinion or thoughts on a product or learn more about consumer spending habits. At the mall you can get $5 for participating in a survey or focus group. How awesome would it be to do that from your home!!??!!

Well kill the awesome people. I will guarantee that 95% of those survey sites are not surveys at all. They are more along the lines of those “Get A Free Ipod Nano” pages: the survey is you saying yes or no to a list of offers ranging from insurance to online movie rentals. But you have to say yes to X amount of offers or you don’t get paid. Or you sign up for a survey site where they send you “paid” emails. All you have to do is read them, right? WRONG! You click the link and sign up for whatever service that is probably free the first 2 weeks but then you have to call and cancel. If you don’t cancel, the service costs $29.95 a month…but you only got paid $15 to fill out the survey….that makes no sense.

My point is that these surveys are not surveys they are operations built to get more money into the pockets of businesses by convincing you  to buy their product.

For those 5% or surveys that are surveys, I don’t count because I don’t fit the demographic they care about selling to: single, white, male, ages 18-34.

That, my friends, is some bullshit!


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On White Light, Black Rain

As I watched ” White Light, Black Rain” on HBO last night I became heart-broken, sickened.
I am really left without words, but everyone needs to see this film.
I am talking middle school, high school, and college.
Too many innocent lives were affected. What those people went through was more terrifying than any horror movie.

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Where to begin…

I have a lot I want to cover.

Right now I am watching “White Light, Black Rain” on HBO.

I will not support a candidate who even hints at a nuclear solution. To any situation, hypothetical or not. Completely unacceptable. I will write more on this later.

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What’s the Reasoning?

There have been two editorial letters in the Washington Post this past week about Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The focus of these letters are on how the writers and their neighbors have been trying to volunteer their time to help the wounded soldiers and their families.

These people want to hold luncheons and have art classes, take the wounded shopping, cook for them; basically do anything they can to show their appreciation for what those soldiers do.

In the first letter, the writer tells of being told that the only volunteer positions available are for administrative duties and that she would have no contact with the wounded soldiers. The volunteer coordinator is only their one day a week and she is very busy. The result was that the writer did not receive any further communication from the volunteer office. This writer was also told that their is cultural divide between the soldiers and those in her neighborhood who wanted to help. The writer said she was told that the soldiers are the “NASCAR” type.

If what the writer says is true, then what did that person mean by the “NASCAR” type? I find that rather insulting to the soldiers. Writer also tells of how many of her neighbors also received a “cold shoulder” from Walter Reed.

This got me wondering: What reason would Walter Reed have to turn away people who want to give freely of their time to help the wounded soldiers?

They could be afraid of more outside criticism about the conditions of the hospital itself. Maybe they are worried that a bunch of “left-leaning” folks will talk badly about the war with the vets. Or perhaps the Walter Reed administration doesn’t want to fuel those who are against the war. When facing those vets face to face and seeing their unwavering loyalty to the US Military and talking with families, what anti-war person wouldn’t want to fight even harder to bring our men and women home. Those loyalties should not be used in any trivial way.

Walter Reed may not have the resources to handle the amount of people who want to volunteer. If they do need administrative help first, that could be the reason these potential volunteers are not getting called back: there is no there to coordinate the effort. I feel the leadership at Walter Reed should do all they can to help get the ball rolling on finding a way to bridge that “cultural gap.”

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My two-cents on Code Monkeys

Well, it turns out I had the nights mixed up and I did not miss the premier of the show.
I tried to watch the program with fresh eyes, waiting until the end and then digesting what I had witnessed. And then sleeping on it.

People, it is not good.
I can’t even say there was one moment I enjoyed.
That was 30 minutes of my life I can never get back.
I wasn’t even so stupid it was funny, it was just plain stupid.
The toilet jokes were old before the first one.
The only interesting thing about Code Monkeys is that it looks like an 8-bit game.
I mean, I really don’t know who this show is for. Maybe gamers and code monkeys from the 80’s who never grew up or something…
It would work better as a web show that is only 10 minutes…no 5 minutes.
Yes a web show with 5 minute episodes! That is what Code Monkeys is suitable for.

It just isn’t any good.

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I totally forgot.
I dropped the ball.
I did not watch the TV premier of Code Monkeys.
Now, how I am suppose to really get a good idea and feel for the show if I don’t watch it??
All this means is that I have to catch it on the web.
It still does not look very funny to me, but perhaps it is just me.

So, someone tell me what is the deal with all these stupid singing game shows?
Why do networks keeps pushing out some much trash???
Why do a remake of Hairspray? That was one movie that
did NOT need to be redone.
It is because writers are too lazy or ::gasps:: can’t write something new?

It is time to think outside the box my friends!

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Code Monkeys

I am an animator.
I am an artist
I love games and having been playing them since the Commodore 64.
Does that make me an expert…HELL NO!!
but I like to think I have a background that enables me to have a somewhat informed opinion

Code Monkeys

Ok…G4 has been promoting this show as if it is the hottest shit since South Park.
I’m just not buying it.
I watched Minoriteam and loved it.
I watched Crank Yankers and thought it was gold (who doesn’t love prank calling!?!?)

This Code Monkeys is not impressing me.
While I do like the idea of 8-bit animation (even though it KILLS my eyes), the clips they have shown just are not doing it for me. It seems to me the premise is in such niche that very few people will get it.
Will actually code monkeys be into this show? Probably not because they work long ass hours and live in the dark.

I’m not going to say the show is going to suck balls, because I HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET!!!
But they way they are hyping this show up, I am already tired of it and probably won’t watch.
I mean, I will have to make an ENORMOUS effort to watch the program.

What are your thoughts?

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